Assisi's Churches

A few days in Assisi, and the chance to do a little church spotting between the pasta and gelato eating. I have written at some length about the Basilica de San Francesco. Now for a look at some of the other churches in and just out of town. The word 'church' is used very broadly here, as included in the places looked at are monasteries and oratories.
  In the town itself the most important (and most visited) churches are Santa Chiara and the Cathedral of San Rufino. Just out of town is the very beautiful monastery of San Damiano, a place full of Franciscan history, as is Santa Maria degli Angeli, a little over four kilometres away down in the plain. 
There are more churches, big and small, in the town. We could not visit all of them, and not all were open, so consider this a selection of sacred places in one of the world's most sacred towns. 

Most of the photographs here were taken on our visit in May of 2015; where  necessary I have included a few pictures from elsewhere.

Santa Chiara

San Rufino

San Damiano

Santa Maria degli Angeli

Santa Maria sopra Minerva

Santa Maria Maggiore

Chiesa Nuova


San Pietro

Santo Stefano

San Francesco Piccolino

Santa Margherita

Santa Croce

Santa Maria della Rose

San Feliciano

A few others


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