Shrines of England

Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral houses two important shrines, St Cuthbert, and the Venerable Bede.
  Cuthbert died in 687, but his burial place at Lindisfarne was vulnerable to the Danes. After a long journey he was finally laid to rest on the site of what is now Durham Cathedral. The shrine was taken apart in 1537, and valuable items removed, legend tells us that Cuthbert’s body was uncorrupted and so it was thought best to reinter it.

Bede died in 735. He was buried in Jarrow, but in 1020 he was moved to Durham and, to begin with, shared a grave with Cuthbert. Around 1370 the Galilee chapel was built at the west end, and Bede was moved there. Come the Reformation, and the shrine was destroyed, but Bede was reburied. The present tomb was created in 1831.

Shrine of St Cuthbert

Shrine of the the Venerable Bede


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