The Orsanmichele, Florence

St George
Donatello, 1417
Guild of Armourers and Swordmakers

St Matthew
Lorenzo Ghiberti 1423
Guild of Moneychangers and Lenders

St Stephen
Lorenzo Ghiberti 1420
Guild of Wool Merchants

Saint Eligius
Nanni di Banco 1420
Guild of Blacksmiths

St Mark
Donatello c1412
Guild of Linen Drapers and Peddlers

Saint James
Nicoḷ di Piero Lamberti 1422 (atrib)
 Guild of Furriers


Madonna della Rosa
Giovanni di Piero Tedesco 1399 (Attrib)
Guild of Physicians and Apothecaries


St John the Evangelist
Baccio de Montelupo
Guild of Silk Weavers

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