Old Testament

Old Testament images around the cathedral are many and various; some show themes I have seen nowhere else in art. Here is a very small selection.

Above left: an eagle, representing creation. Above right: Adam and Eve, and that tempting (and rather human looking) snake.

 Above: Noah's Ark. The detail on the right shows the boss from a different angle, allowing us to see an elephant (above) and a unicorn (below). The unicorn is somewhat unexpected: according to tradition, the snooty unicorns refused to board the ark, which is what led to their extinction.

Above left: A woman, presumably a daughter-in-law of Noah, carries birds into the ark. Above right: Noah's downfall. Having left the ark, he is now planting a vineyard.

Above left: the Red Sea floods, drowning the Egyptain army and the pharoah. Above right: Abraham is ready to sacrifice Isaac.
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