Upper Church: the Transepts

The frescoes in the north and south transepts are in a very poor state, and many parts of the them have disappeared altogether. Standing in front of them it is very difficult to make much sense of any of them. However, it is worth the effort; the grand narrative presented by the upper church frescoes begins here. 
  The transept vault is a case in point. At first, and probably second glance, It looks impossible to make sense of.  What is worse, this photograph was taken before the earthquake of 1997. The eastern part of the vault (the lowest section shown here) was destroyed. 
  The vault shows the four Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. A close-up of a couple of them will make it clearer. Here are Luke and Mark.



St. Luke

St Mark

  The fresco sequence starts in the south transept, and I suggest you go there first. It then proceeds around the apse and into the north transept. 

South Transept
                                     The Apse                                    North Transept

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